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“These classes have been  revolutionary to my life. I have spent my life frozen with fear of the opposite sex and 30 minutes with this coaching and I had hope again. I am never going back to the way I was.” -29 yo. Vancouver, WA


“It never occured to me that I would have to reintroduce women to sex. Thanks for showing me how. I can really get women my age to open up.”   -69 yo. Wilsonville, OR


“Thanks for the confidence. I would never have found my love if not for you. It is all about being open to the experience. Relationships are negotiable. I’m so happy.”   -37 yo. Portland, OR


“I never knew meeting people could be this easy and fun!” -45 yo. Portland, OR


“Mia did not judge me when I told her about my past. She helped me get over my biggest limitation.”  -23 Portland, OR

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