It all starts with an email to request your 

Free consultation

Let's spend a half hour getting to know each other and see how I can help you. This consultation is my gift to you, no further commitment is required. It will be enlightening and educational. When you decide it is time to get the ball rolling, we will move on to the NEXT step.

Next, we go on our first meet up!

We will get together for either coffee or happy hour. We will treat it like a first date because it is. I will gain a clear vision of you and your goals and present the steps needed for your success. (this may be via done Skype if you are beyond the greater Portland area) A personalized program will be created to fit your needs, your time, and your budget.

Programs are a combination of in person dates and online counseling via Skype. They also include phone and text access.  Your program is designed specifically around YOU!

In person coaching ranges from $220-$350 per session. Coaching online via Skype is $120 per hour. Discounts are given on programs.


Go on a date; Revamp your dating profile; Gain confidence in your presence; Have a first kiss; Approach women; Attract women; Gain sexual confidence; Create your life.