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Take Her to Bed

Updated: Aug 16, 2018

Hey guys! Thanks for stopping by. I love sharing the wants of my women’s group with my wonderful clients who are excited about creating meaningful and satisfying relationships.

Sex is so important to a relationship. It is not why we are in it, but if you don’t have it, your relationship will fall apart. It is a joyful practice to maintain a healthy sex life, but we often forget to nurture it. Books have been written on this topic. For those of you who don’t go out and read every trendy new book on creating your sex life, I’m going to simplify some basics for you.

You could be the best lover in the world. Creative, sensitive, confident, etc. but if you can’t get a woman into bed you will never get to show off those skills. Here is a good rule to remember: If you want to have sex on Wednesday night, you need to start on Monday morning. What does this mean? It means that if you want to get laid everyday, you are going to romance her everyday. It requires attention and sensitivity, and not even a lot. She is going to be open to sex when she feels safe, relaxed, and appreciated. You can accomplish all these things with a hug and some kind words. It takes 20 seconds. Do it often.

Initiating sex is one of the most nerve wracking duties of the man. Yes, I said duty. In my poll of women seeking men, over 60% of women prefer men to initiate sex. Another 20% like to take turns while the remaining women prefer to be the instigators. This means that you, the man, are going to initiate sex over 70% of the time. That can be a lot of pressure. The fear of rejection can be stifling, especially if it happens consistently from the same person. So once again I asked my women “How would a man successfully initiate sex with you?”

“Can I do anything for you?” When was the last time you said that (sarcasm doesn’t count)? It is what women want. Even if she says no, the consideration is the sexy part. Do it everyday. Don’t worry about giving more than you get. Women by nature reciprocate in bigger measure. This is where the great sex comes in.

You started romancing her on Monday and now it is Wednesday. It’s time to get it in. According to my women, and I am in complete agreement, there is one sure way to ‘get me’...Kiss my neck. It’s so simple. Kiss my neck. This action appeals to the most simple of sexual instincts and there is a biological reason why this works. I’m going to address your animal instincts now. Men often tell me that they want animal sex and I assure you this is also true for most women at least some of the time. When I was teaching my kids about sex we used to watch the wildlife. The female squirrel wiggles her ass at the male and when he chases her she runs away. When he catches her he holds her down and bites her neck and she submits.Think about it, this happens with many species, including humans. This is true simply because biology put a G-spot on the back of a woman's neck. You can kiss it, bite it, massage it, lick it, all you will end up with is a horny girl with very wet panties. Mission accomplished. Kiss her neck.

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