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She Doesn't Want to Have Sex With Me

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Hey guys, Thanks for joining me again this week. We are going to have a fun time in the next couple of minutes while I give you a new perspective on why a woman does not want to have sex with you. Whether you have been together for awhile or this is the first night, it is always a blow to the ego when a woman turns you down for sex. It makes you second guess your looks, your wallet, your car, your conversations, your cock size. Everything that you assume a woman wants comes into question. If you have been in a monogamous relationship for awhile you may feel like her unwillingness is depriving you of having the sex life you desire. Lucky for men, the most common reasons that a woman does not want to have sex has nothing to do with you.

The most common reasons that you get turned down for sex are things that you cannot control, and are things that she cannot or does not want to tell you. She mostly likely is not going to burst out and tell you that she is menstruating, ovulating, going through menopause, suffers from dryness, has a herpes outbreak or a swollen hemorrhoid. She is not going to mention that she feels a yeast infection coming on, that she is self conscious because she forgot to shave, or because she has a boil on her ass. There are a multitude of physical reasons that a woman is not in the mood and it has nothing to do with you. This does not mean that you can not offer her an innocent massage. Consider it foreplay for the next time.

The psychological reasons that a woman does not want to have sex with you ARE things that you can work on. What do you like about a woman? What is it about her that turns you on? Are you concerned about her sexual experience? Does she enjoy having sex with you? Have you ever asked yourself these questions? Figure these things out and talk about them with your woman. You need to make her feel like sex is about her too! If you want to have sex, make her feel sexy.

What do you do and say to get her in the mood? Foreplay for women begins with their head. Gratitude. Compliments. Ask questions. Listen. These are all things that will lead you to the bedroom. Realistically,you should practice these skills with everyone, all the time, always. It will make you a better man and more attractive. Kindness is sexy and shows confidence.

I cater to an audience of men who are looking to evolve past rolls and archetypes that are no longer satisfying to the modern female/male relationship. It is okay for you to desire a woman to treat kindly. It is okay to empathize with her personal struggle as a single woman who has to prove herself worthy in a mans world. It is okay to honor and respect her femaleness. When a woman feels revered, she is very motivated to ‘give it up’. Women fall in love with you for the way you make them feel. What can you DO to make her feel appreciated, safe, valuable and sexy?

Will your manliness allow you to understand and appreciate a woman fully? OR... do you feel like less of a man for honoring a woman? Do you feel pussy whipped? Do you resent letting her wear the pants? Are you embarrassed? These are all secondary emotions that history and society have placed on you as men. It’s time to lay that burden down. Free up your ego and let a woman know just how precious she is. Let her feel safe. Let her feel understood. Romance her and let her know that sex IS about her. It’s what women want…and it’s fun!

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