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Mia Marceau

Attract and Create the relationship you want. 
Take the adventure of a lifetime. 
It's supposed to be FUN!

I have been a coach my entire adult life. I study as a hobby and take great pride in developing my knowledge content into creative, comprehensive, yet simple, personalized curriculum. My evolution into the Dating Sexpert began in my 20’s when I wrote a paper titled “The Men’s Liberation Movement”. As women liberated themselves and changed their role in society, home, and relationships, the needs and expectation of the man’s role changed also and continues to. Twenty years after writing that paper and meeting thousands of men who desire to have deep, meaningful, creative, adventurous and exciting relationships based on mutual partnership, I decided to start the Men’s Liberation Movement myself. I am passionate about helping men navigate through outdated, ingrained expectations that are a part of our  past societies and cultures and open up to infinite relationship possibilities. Let’s redefine the protector/provider role without emasculation. I want to send men into the world who are confident AND kind, strong AND sensitive, powerful AND compassionate, and fabulous lovers! Let’s get the boots a knockin’ and the headboard a shakin’!


It all starts with a simple phone call and the willingness to be open to a 20-30 minute conversation. Let’s get to know each other and see how I can help. This could be your life changer. If you are reading was meant for you.

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